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, めし
Male term
1. cooked rice
2. meal, food
3. one's living, livelihood
, まんま, まま
Children's language
cooked rice
, いい
cooked rice
西, にし
二死, にし
Baseball term
two out, two down (and one to go)
二士, 2士, にし
See 二等陸士, Military term, Abbreviation
private (JGSDF)
二至, にし
the two solstices (summer and winter)
, にし, のし
Pronoun, See 主・ぬし・6, Archaism, Familiar language
にし, 螺, 辛螺, ら, ニシ
Usually in kana
small spiral-shelled snail, spiral shellfish
内科, ないか
May take 'no', See 外科・1
1. internal medicine, i.e. treatment by medical procedures rather than surgical procedures
2. department of internal medicine (hospital, etc.)
Expression, See ませんか, used to ask a question in the negative
1. won't, hasn't, isn't, doesn't
used to make invitations, express desires or give indirect commands
2. won't you
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