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食べ, 喰べる, たべる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to eat
2. to live on (e.g. a salary), to live off, to subsist on
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食べ, 食べもの, たべもの
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食べ過ぎる, 食べすぎる, たべすぎる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to overeat
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食べ過ぎ, 食べすぎ, たべすぎ
食べ残し, たべのこし
May take 'no'
leftovers, half-eaten food, leftover food
食べ残す, たべのこす
Godan verb, Transitive
to leave a dish half-eaten
食べ, たべかた
way of eating, how to eat
食べ, 食べごろ, たべごろ
May take 'no'
good for eating, ripe enough for eating, in season
食べ, 食べ, たべで
often 食べでのある
substantiality (of a meal), fillingness, solidity
食べ放題, たべほうだい
all-you-can-eat, eating as much as one likes
食べ掛け, 食べかけ, たべかけ
May take 'no'
食べかす, 食べカス, 食べ, 食べ, たべかす, たべカス
1. leavings of a meal, food scraps, leftovers
2. food particles (in one's teeth or mouth), bits of food
食べ汚す, たべよごす
Godan verb, Transitive
to eat messily
食べ酔う, たべよう
Godan verb, See よっぱらう
to get drunk
食べ応え, 食べごたえ, たべごたえ
See 食べで・たべで, often 食べごたえ(が|の)ある
substantiality (of a meal), fillingness, solidity
食べ散らす, たべちらす
Godan verb
to eat a bit of everything
食べにくい, 食べ難い, たべにくい
difficult to eat, unpalatable
食べ付ける, 食べつける, たべつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to be used to eating
食べ尽くす, 食べつくす, たべつくす
Godan verb
to eat up
生で食べ, なまでたべる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to eat raw (fresh)
一口食べ, ひとくちたべる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to eat a mouthful, to take a bite
食べ始める, 食べはじめる, たべはじめる
Ichidan verb
to start eating
食べ合わせ, 食べ合せ, たべあわせ
See 食い合せ・1
combination (e.g. of foodstuffs)
食べ掛ける, 食べかける, たべかける
Ichidan verb, See 食べ始める
to start eating
食べ慣れる, 食べなれる, たべなれる
Ichidan verb
to be used to eating, to become used to eating, to be accustomed to eating, to acquire a taste for
食べられる, たべられる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
1. to be able to eat
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi)
2. to be edible, to be good to eat
食べ比べる, たべくらべる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to taste and compare several dishes (or foods) of the same type
食べある記, たべあるき
pun on 食べ歩き
diary of food experiences
食べっぷり, たべっぷり
manner of eating
食べ飽きる, たべあきる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to get tired of eating, to have enough of (a food)
食べ歩く, たべあるく
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 食べ歩き・1, Colloquialism
to try out the food at various restaurants
食べ歩き, 食べあるき, たべあるき
Takes suru
1. trying the food at various restaurants, eating tour
2. walking while eating, eating while walking
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