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, 沓, 履, 鞋, くつ
shoe, shoes, boots, footwear, footgear
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, くつ下, 沓下, くつした
socks, sock, stockings, stocking
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, くつ屋, くつや
shoe store, shoe shop, shoemaker
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, 長ぐつ, ながぐつ, ちょうか
leather boots, rubber boots, wellingtons, wellies, long boots, high boots
, 皮, 革沓, かわぐつ
leather shoes, leather boots
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, あまぐつ
waterproof shoes, rubber boots, Wellington boots, gumboots, overshoes, galoshes, rubbers
, くつがた
shoe last, shoe stretcher
くつぞこ, , 沓底
1. sole (of a shoe)
See シタビラメ・1, Usually in kana
2. sole (fish)
, ふるぐつ
old shoes
, はんぐつ, ほうか, はんか
Only はんぐつ
1. low shoes
2. informal riding shoes without an ankle strap
, きぐつ
wooden shoes, clogs
, どろぐつ
muddy shoes or boots
, 深履, 深沓, ふかぐつ
deep boots
あかぐつ, 赤, 赤苦津, アカグツ
Usually in kana
starry handfish (Halieutaea stellata)
, 雪沓, 雪ぐつ, ゆきぐつ
esp. 雪靴
1. snow boots
esp. 雪沓
2. yuki-gutsu, traditional Japanese snow boots made of straw
, くつ箱, ばこ, くつばこ
shoe box, shoe shelf
, くつあと
shoe mark, shoe print
, しろぐつ
white shoes (for use during the summer)
, くつがわ
shoe leather
, くつうら
sole (of a shoe)
, かたい
ankle strap (for fastening a shoe)
運動, うんどうぐつ
sports shoes, sneakers
一足, くつ一足, くついっそく
pair of shoes
直し, くつなおし
shoe repair
ひも, , くつひも
shoelace, bootlace
乗馬, じょうばぐつ
riding boots
半長, はんながぐつ
fairly high shoes, boots
わら, 藁沓, 藁, 藁履, 藁ぐつ, わら沓, わらぐつ
straw boots
拭き, くつふき
舞踏, ぶとうぐつ
dancing shoes
防寒, ぼうかんぐつ
arctic boots
編上, 編み上げ, 編上げ, 編み上, あみあげぐつ, へんじょうか
へんじょうか was primarily an Imperial Japanese Army term for "military boots"
lace-up boots
, せいかぎょう
the shoemaking industry