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青い, 蒼い, 碧い, あおい
Conjugated: 青かった
1. blue, azure
mostly arch. or in ref. to fruits, vegetables and traffic lights, etc.
2. green
Only 青い, Only 蒼い, in ref. to facial colour
3. pale, gray, grey
4. unripe, inexperienced
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利子, りし
interest (on a loan, deposit, etc.)
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ます, 鱒, マス
Usually in kana
trout, sea trout
Auxiliary verb, Polite
1. used to indicate respect for the listener (or reader)
Archaism, Humble
2. used to indicate respect for those affected by the action
増す, ます
Godan verb, Intransitive, Transitive
to increase, to grow
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, 枡, 桝, 斗, ます, マス
1. measuring container, measure
2. box (seating at a theatre, etc.)
esp. マス
3. square on a grid, cell of a grid
Only 斗
4. square bearing block (at the top of a pillar)
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在す, 坐す, います, ます
Yodan verb, Intransitive, Honorific or respectful, Archaism
1. to be
2. to go, to come