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電話, でんわ
Takes suru, May take 'no'
1. telephone call, phone call
See 電話機, Abbreviation
2. telephone (device), phone
携帯電話, けいたいでんわ
May take 'no'
mobile telephone, cellular telephone
電話番号, でんわばんごう
telephone number
公衆電話, こうしゅうでんわ
public telephone, pay phone
電話, でんわき
telephone (device)
電話, でんわちょう
telephone book, telephone directory
電話, でんわぐち
1. telephone receiver, telephone mouthpiece
See 電話口に出る・でんわぐちにでる
2. making a telephone call, receiving a telephone call
電話, でんわせん
telephone line
電話, いとでんわ
telephone made from two cans and a piece of string
電話, でんわきょく
telephone company
電話, でんわしつ
telephone booth (indoor)
電話, でんわちゅう
during a telephone call, busy line
電話, でんわもう
telephone network
電話, でんわりょう
telephone charge
電話, ながでんわ
Takes suru
long telephone conversation, being on the phone for a long time
電話, かいでんわ
suspicious phone call
電話, 御電話, おでんわ
See 電話・1, Honorific or respectful
1. telephone call
2. telephone (device)
電話, くろでんわ
black rotary-dial telephone
電話, でんわだい
telephone bill, telephone rate
電話, でんわばん
phone duty, being on call
電話, でんわだい
telephone table, telephone stand
脅迫電話, きょうはくでんわ
telephone threat (e.g. of a bomb)
市外電話, しがいでんわ
long-distance call
卓上電話, たくじょうでんわ
desk phone
転送電話, てんそうでんわ
(telephone) call forwarding, call diversion
電話回線, でんわかいせん
telephone line
電話調査, でんわちょうさ
telephone survey
電話付き, でんわつき
with a telephone
親子電話, おやこでんわ
extension phone (and its main line)
国際電話, こくさいでんわ
international phone call
直通電話, ちょくつうでんわ
direct (telephone) line, direct dialing
内線電話, ないせんでんわ
extension telephone
移動電話, いどうでんわ
mobile phone, wireless phone
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