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雰囲気, ふんい気, ふん囲気, ふんいき, ふいんき
1. atmosphere, mood, ambience, ambiance, aura, feel
2. a certain air, presence, special aura, something (about someone)
See 大気・1, Obsolete term
3. (Earth's) atmosphere
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雰囲気美人, ふんいきびじん
woman who is not traditionally beautiful yet somehow very attractive, woman with an aura of beauty
雰囲気を壊す, ふんいきをこわす
Expression, Godan verb
to spoil the mood
神秘的雰囲気, しんぴてきふんいき
家族的な雰囲気, かぞくてきなふんいき
family atmosphere