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難しい, 六借しい, 六ヶ敷い, むずかしい, むつかしい
Antonym: 易しい・やさしい
1. difficult, hard, troublesome, complicated, serious (disease, problem, etc.)
Polite, euphemistic
2. impossible, unfeasible
3. fussy, particular, fastidious, hard to please, displeased
4. gloomy, glum, sullen, serious (look)
5. dirty, unclean, filthy, detestable
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難しい, 気むずかしい, きむずかしい, きむづかしい
hard to please, moody, crusty, fastidious
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しょ難しい, しょむずかしい
Obscure term
terribly difficult
難しい顔をする, むずかしいかおをする
Expression, See 難しい・むずかしい・4
to look displeased, to frown, to scowl, to look grave, to look serious
ちょっと難しい, ちょっとむずかしい
1. a little difficult, slightly hard
Idiomatic expression
2. not feasible, not possible
難しい, こむずかしい, こむつかしい
slightly difficult, somewhat bothersome, troublesome, peevish, querulous