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離婚, りこん
Takes suru
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離婚, りこんりつ
divorce rate
離婚, 離婚届け, りこんとどけ
official divorce registration papers
離婚, りこんげき
problematic divorce, divorce drama
離婚訴訟, りこんそしょう
divorce suit, divorce proceedings
協議離婚, きょうぎりこん
divorce by consent
成田離婚, なりたりこん
Humorous term
Narita divorce, divorce of a newlywed couple upon returning (to Narita Airport) from their honeymoon abroad
熟年離婚, じゅくねんりこん
Colloquialism, yojijukugo
divorce of a couple who have been married for a long time (often brought on by retirement of the husband)
定年離婚, ていねんりこん
divorce of a couple who have been married for a long time (brought on by retirement of the husband)
調停離婚, ちょうていりこん
arbitrated divorce, divorce by arbitration
審判離婚, しんばんりこん
divorce by (Family Court) arbitration
和解離婚, わかいりこん
divorce by settlement
認諾離婚, にんだくりこん
divorce by admission
判決離婚, はんけつりこん
divorce by decree
離婚活動, りこんかつどう
making preparations for a divorce
家庭内離婚, かていないりこん
in-home separation, quasi-divorce, marriage that has broken down but where the wife and husband still live together without getting a divorce
離婚を申請する, りこんをしんせいする
to file for divorce