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限り, かぎり
1. limit, limits, bounds
2. degree, extent, scope
Noun, used as a suffix
3. the end, the last
Adverb, after an adjective, verb, or noun
4. as long as ..., as far as ..., as much as ..., to the limits of ..., all of ...
after neg. verb
5. unless ...
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きり, 切り, 限り, 切, 限
Usually in kana
1. end, finish, place to stop
See 切りがない・1
2. bound, limit
Only 限り, Only 限, Finance term
3. delivery date (of a futures contract)
4. finale (of a noh song), end of an act (in jōruri or kabuki), final performance of the day (in vaudeville)
5. trump card
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限る, かぎる
Conjugated: 限り
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to restrict, to limit, to confine
2. to be restricted to, to be limited to, to be confined to
as ...は...に限る
3. to be best (for), to be the best plan, to be the only way (to)
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限りない, 限り無い, かぎりない
eternal, unlimited, endless
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ぎりぎり, 限り限り, ギリギリ
NA-adjective, May take 'no', Adverb, Onomatopoeic or mimetic word, Usually in kana
just barely, only just, at the very limit, at the last moment
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限り, なかかぎり
next-month delivery
限り無く, 限りなく, かぎりなく
without end, exceedingly
限り無し, 限無し, きりなし
usu. used adverbially as 限り無しに
1. boundlessness, endlessness, infinity
2. incessantness, continuousness
知る限り, 知るかぎり, しるかぎり
as far as I know
身代限り, しんだいかぎり
going bankrupt
ある限り, 有る限り, あるかぎり
See 限り・1, See 有る・1
1. all (there is)
Expression, Adverb
2. as long as there is
限りある, 限り有る, かぎりある
Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally
finite, limited, restricted
今度限り, こんどかぎり
for this once only
限り, をかぎりに
Expression, See 声を限りに
as of the end of (today, this month, etc.), to make (today, etc.) the last (day)
能う限り, あたう限り, あたうかぎり
Expression, May take 'no', See 出来る限り・できるかぎり
as much as possible, as far as possible, to the best of one's abilities
できる限り, 出来る限り, できるかぎり
Expression, Adverb, May take 'no'
as much as one can, as much as possible
あらん限り, 有らん限り, あらんかぎり
Expression, Adverb, May take 'no'
all, as much as possible
沙汰の限り, さたのかぎり
out of the question, preposterous
限りない, 数かぎりない, かずかぎりない
uncountable, innumerable
声を限り, こえをかぎりに
Expression, Adverb
at the top of one's voice
見渡す限り, 見渡すかぎり, みわたすかぎり
Expression, May take 'no'
as far as the eye can see
可能な限り, かのうなかぎり
Expression, Adverb
to the extent possible, as much as possible, as far as possible, whenever possible, wherever possible, if (at all) possible
その場限り, その場かぎり, そのばかぎり
May take 'no'
temporary, ad hoc, makeshift, stopgap
世々限り無く, 世世限り無く, 世々限りなく, 世世限りなく, よよかぎりなく
forever and ever
目の届く限り, めのとどくかぎり
as far as the eye can reach, as far as the eye can see
見た限りでは, みたかぎりでは
from what (I've) seen, given that ...
出来うる限り, できうる限り, 出来得る限り, できうるかぎり
as (much) as possible, as (far) as possible
力の続く限り, ちからのつづくかぎり
Expression, Adverb taking the 'to' particle, Adverb
as long as one's strength lasts
に関する限り, に関するかぎり, にかんするかぎり
Expression, See 関する
as far as ... is concerned, so far as ... can tell
限り, こんかぎり
with all one's might
出来る限り早期, できる限り早期, できるかぎりそうき
as soon as possible, ASAP
時間の許す限り, じかんのゆるすかぎり
as long as time allows, whenever one has the time, as time permits
知っている限り, 知っているかぎり, しっているかぎり
Expression, See 知る限り
as far as I know
できる限り早い, 出来る限り早い, できるかぎりはやい
as soon as possible, at the earliest time