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間違う, まちがう
Conjugated: 間違っている
Godan verb
to make a mistake, to be incorrect, to be mistaken
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とも, 共
Noun, used as a prefix
1. together with
2. same
Suffix, Usually in kana
3. both, all, neither, none
4. including ...
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, 朋, とも
1. friend, companion, comrade, pal
2. accompaniment, companion (e.g. book), complement, accessory
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, 伴, 侶, とも
Takes suru, See お供・おとも
companion, follower, attendant, retinue
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, とも
See 舳先・へさき
1. certainly, of course, to be sure, surely
usu. with volitional verb or adj. stem
2. even if, no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how), though, although
with neg. verb
3. without even, without so much as
See 遅くとも, after an adverb
4. at the (least, earliest, etc.)
5. also (called), also as
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, とも
archer's left-wrist protector