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間違い, まちがい
See ミス・1
1. mistake, error, blunder
2. accident, mishap, trouble
3. improper conduct (e.g. between man and woman), indiscretion
間違う, まちがう
Conjugated: 間違い
Godan verb
to make a mistake, to be incorrect, to be mistaken
間違いない, 間違い無い, まちがいない
Expression, See 紛れもない・まぎれもない
1. certain, sure, doubtless
2. I have no doubt, You can depend on it, It's a safe bet
間違い, おおまちがい
great mistake
書き間違い, 書間違い, 書きまちがい, かきまちがい
slip of the pen, mistake in writing, misspelling, lapsus calami
言い間違い, いいまちがい
slip of the tongue, misstatement, verbal slip-up
間違い電話, まちがいでんわ
wrong number
間違い探し, まちがいさがし
spot the difference (puzzle), photo hunt
間違いなく, 間違い無く, まちがいなく
clearly, unmistakably, certainly, without a doubt
間違いなし, 間違い無し, まちがいなし
Expression, See 間違いない・1, See 間違いなく
certain, sure, doubtless
聞き間違い, 聞間違い, ききまちがい
間違い, みまちがい
misjudgement, misjudgment, mistake in vision
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