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, 鉄, 銀, 銅, かね, かな
See お金
1. money
2. metal
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, , こがね, きがね, くがね
1. gold
2. gold coin
3. gold colour (color)
, きん
1. gold (Au), golden (color), gold (medal, cup)
May take 'no'
2. valuable, of highest value
3. money, gold coin
See 金曜, Abbreviation
4. Friday
See 五行・1
5. metal (fourth of the five elements)
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ないし, 乃至
Conjunction, Usually in kana
1. from ... to, between ... and
2. or
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内旨, ないし
emperor's secret orders
内侍, ないし, ないじ
maid of honor, maid of honour
内示, ないじ, ないし
Takes suru
unofficial announcement
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