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重ね, かさねる
Conjugated: 重ね
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to pile up, to heap up, to stack up, to put on top of another
2. to repeat many times over, to go through repeatedly, to accumulate
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重ね, 襲, かさね
esp. 重ね
1. pile, heap, layers (e.g. of clothing), set (e.g. of boxes), course (e.g. of stones)
Counter, esp. 重ね; used after a word from the "hito-futa-mi" counting system
2. counter for things that are stacked, piled up (or layered, etc.)
esp. 襲
3. layers of clothing worn under one's overcoat
See かさねの色目・かさねのいろめ, Abbreviation
4. combination of colors created by layering of garments (colours)
ついに, 遂に, 終に, 竟に
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. finally, at last
with neg. verb
2. in the end, after all, never (happened)
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