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, さけ, ささ, き, くし, しゅ
See お酒
alcohol, sake
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運転, いんしゅうんてん
drunken driving, driving while intoxicated, drinking and driving
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, いんしゅ
Takes suru
drinking alcohol (sake)
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, おんじゅ, おんしゅ
See 飲酒・いんしゅ, Buddhist term
1. consumption of alcohol (as prohibited by one of the Buddhist precepts)
See 飲酒戒・おんじゅかい, Abbreviation
2. Buddhist precept prohibiting the consumption of alcohol
日本, にほんしゅ
sake, Japanese rice wine
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, しゅるい
alcoholic drinks, liquor
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, 居, いざかや
izakaya, Japanese bar that also serves various dishes and snacks
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, しゅぞう
sake brewing
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, きんしゅ
Takes suru
1. abstinence from alcohol, temperance
2. prohibition of drinking
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, しゅぜい
liquor tax, tax on alcohol
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吟醸, ぎんじょうしゅ
ginjō sake, high-quality sake brewed by low temperature fermentation from white rice milled to 60%
, さかば
bar, pub, tavern
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, さかや
1. liquor store, wine shop, bottle shop
2. sake dealer, liquor-store owner, brewer
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, せいしゅ
See 濁酒・どぶろく
refined sake
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, ようしゅ
Western wine and spirits, Western liquor
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, さかだな, さかみせ, しゅてん, さけてん
alcohol-selling shop
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, じざけ
local sake
, しゅはん
liquor trade
飲み, 呑み, , さけのみ
(heavy) drinker, drunkard, tippler, boozer
, ふかざけ
Takes suru
heavy drinking
, しゅき
liquor smell, tipsiness
, おおざけ
heavy drinking
, 醴, あまざけ
Food term
sweet half sake, sweet drink made from fermented rice
, しゅりょう
amount of drink, one's drinking capacity
ばくしゅ, 麦
See ビール, Usually in kana, sometimes read ビール
, あくしゅ
cheap liquor
, やすざけ
May take 'no'
cheap sake
, かしゅ
good wine, good drink
, かしゅ
strong drink
, がんしゅ
praying at a temple or shrine for help to stop drinking
, くろき
See 白酒・しろき, Archaism
black sake (presented as an offering to the gods)
, 御, おさけ, ごしゅ
See 酒, Polite
alcohol, sake
, しゅめい
sake brand
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