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部屋, へや
1. room, chamber
2. apartment, flat, pad
See 相撲部屋, Sumo term, Abbreviation
3. stable
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部屋, あいべや
1. sharing a room, dormitory room
Sumo term
2. match between wrestlers from the same stable
部屋, おおべや
1. large room
2. green room, waiting room for performers when off stage
Noun or verb acting prenominally
3. junior actor, actor of small parts
4. large hospital room (for several patients), hospital ward
5. ōbeya, project management technique in manufacturing, involving group meetings in a common room
部屋, へやだい
room rent
部屋, どうべや
Sumo term
wrestlers from the same stable
部屋, へやがしら
Sumo term
highest ranked wrestler in a stable
部屋, こべや
See 部屋・1
small room, closet, cubicle, booth, stall
部屋, かどべや
corner room, corner apartment
部屋, 御部屋, おへや
See 部屋・1, Polite
1. room
2. apartment, flat
部屋, おんなべや
See 男部屋
1. room for female servants
2. room where there are women
See 女牢
3. jail for women
部屋, おとこべや
See 女部屋・1
room for menservants
部屋, へやがた
female servant hired at a lady-in-waiting's own expense
部屋, へやご
See 部屋住み
1. young adult still living at home, dependent
See 部屋方
2. female servant working for a lady-in-waiting working in the inner part of a lord's house (Edo period)
3. freeloader living in a samurai's house
4. young kabuki actor in service of a master (Edo period)
部屋, おべや, おへや
messy room, dirty room, unclean room
部屋, ねべや
bedroom, sleeping room
部屋, へやしょく
See 旅館
meal (esp. dinner) served in one's room (at a ryokan)
部屋, しもべや
servants' quarters, room for servants
部屋, べつべや, べつへや
different room, another room, separate rooms
化粧部屋, けしょうべや
lavatory, dressing room
空き部屋, 空部屋, あきべや
available room (hotel), vacancy, room to let
仕事部屋, しごとべや
部屋, へやぎ
loungewear, comfortable clothing worn at home
たこ部屋, 蛸部屋, たこべや
labor camp, labour camp, low-quality accommodation for laborers
勉強部屋, べんきょうべや
study room
下の部屋, したのへや
downstairs room
一人部屋, ひとり部屋, ひとりべや
single room, own room
支度部屋, したくべや
dressing room
相撲部屋, すもうべや
Sumo term
隠し部屋, かくしべや
hidden room, secret chamber
部屋履き, 部屋ばき, へやばき
(house) slippers
続き部屋, つづきべや, つづきへや
adjoining rooms
二人部屋, ふたりべや
double room, room shared by two people, shared room
御用部屋, ごようべや
room in Edo castle where the shogun's council of elders attended to governmental affairs