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邪魔, じゃま
NA-adjective, Takes suru
1. hindrance, obstacle, nuisance, disturbance, interruption, interference
See お邪魔します, as お〜
2. to visit (someone's home)
Buddhist term, orig. meaning
3. demon who hinders Buddhist training, demon who obstructs sentient beings from maintaining moral behaviour
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邪魔します, 御邪魔します, おじゃまします
Expression, greeting used when entering someone's home
please excuse the intrusion, I'm coming in
邪魔, 邪魔, じゃまもの
1. obstacle, hindrance, impediment, obstruction
2. nuisance, bore, burden
邪魔, 御邪魔, おじゃま
Takes suru, See 邪魔・1, See お邪魔します・おじゃまします, Polite, suru and itasu verb forms are used as set phrases said prior to entering or leaving someone's home
hindrance, intrusion
邪魔っけ, 邪魔っ気, 邪魔ッけ, 邪魔ッ気, じゃまっけ, じゃまッけ
nuisance, obstructive (person), troublesome (person)
邪魔, おじゃま虫, 御邪魔, おじゃまむし
interferer, meddler, buttinsky
邪魔くさい, 邪魔臭い, じゃまくさい
troublesome, pain in the butt
邪魔立て, 邪魔だて, じゃま立て, じゃまだて
Takes suru
deliberate hindrance, obstruction
邪魔にならない, じゃまにならない
unobtrusive, not in the way