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道路, どうろ
road, highway
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高速道路, こうそくどうろ
highway, freeway, expressway, motorway
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道路, どうろきょう
(highway) overpass
道路, どうろもう
road network, highway network, highway network system
道路, どうろじょう
on the road
道路, どうろわき
道路, どうろぞく
1. people (esp. kids) who spend a lot of time in the streets (of their residential areas), being noisy
See 建設族
2. group of politicians who support highway construction interests, highway tribe
道路, どうろほう
Law term
Road Act
道路, 道路びょう, どうろびょう
road stud, raised pavement marker
道路, どうろはば
road width
幹線道路, かんせんどうろ
main road, main thoroughfare, arterial road
道路工事, どうろこうじ
road construction, roadworks, road repairs
道路封鎖, どうろふうさ
舗装道路, ほそうどうろ
paved road
有料道路, ゆうりょうどうろ
toll road
道路標識, どうろひょうしき
road sign, signpost
弾丸道路, だんがんどうろ
long, straight, wide-open highway
道路計画, どうろけいかく
road plan
道路建設, どうろけんせつ
road construction
道路交通, どうろこうつう
road traffic
道路地図, どうろちず
road (highway) map
道路輸送, どうろゆそう
road transport
道路, ちゅうどうろせん
moderate line, middle-of-the-road policy line
道路整備, どうろせいび
road maintenance, road improvement
一般道路, いっぱんどうろ
ordinary road, local street, non-toll road
道路事情, どうろじじょう
road conditions
道路阻絶, どうろそぜつ
road block
生活道路, せいかつどうろ
residential road, residential street, neighborhood road
道路冠水, どうろかんすい
road flooding, flooded roads
2項道路, 二項道路, にこうどうろ
See 接道義務, Law term
road that is narrower than 4 meters but still counts as a valid connecting road for determining if construction is allowed on a plot adjacent to the road
連絡道路, れんらくどうろ
accessway, access road, connecting path
優先道路, ゆうせんどうろ
priority road, road on which vehicles have priority at all intersections
道路掃除人, どうろそうじじん
street sweeper (person)