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道の, 道程, みちのり, どうてい
1. distance, journey, itinerary
2. path (e.g. to one's goal), way, process, route, road
道の, みちのはし
edge of a street
道の, みちのえき
roadside station (government-designated rest area found along roads and highways)
道の, 道師, みちのし
See 八色の姓, Archaism
Michinoshi (fifth highest of the eight hereditary titles)
道の, 道の, みちのしり
See 道の口, See 道の中, Archaism
the part of a province furthest from the capital
道の, みちのくち
See 道の後, See 道の中, Archaism
the part of a province closest to the capital
道の, みちのなか
See 道の口, See 道の後, Archaism
the part of a province midway from the capital
道の, すいどうのせん
water spigot, tap
道の, すいどうのみず
tap water
武士道の, ぶしどうのはな
flower of chivalry (Bushido)
道の自由, ほうどうのじゆう
freedom of the press
道の離心率, きどうのりしんりつ
orbital eccentricity
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