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すぎる, 過ぎる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
1. to pass through, to pass by, to go beyond
2. to pass (i.e. of time), to elapse
3. to have expired, to have ended, to be over
4. to exceed, to surpass, to be above
as 〜に過ぎない, etc.
5. to be no more than ...
よぎる, 過ぎる, 過る
Godan verb, Intransitive, Usually in kana
to go by, to cross, to pass by, to flash across
しすぎる, し過ぎる, 為過ぎる
Ichidan verb, Usually in kana
to overdo, to do too much
通り過ぎる, 通りすぎる, とおりすぎる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to go past, to pass, to pass by
食べ過ぎる, 食べすぎる, たべすぎる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to overeat
行き過ぎる, 行きすぎる, 行過ぎる, いきすぎる, ゆきすぎる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
1. to go too far, to go past
2. to go to extremes, to overdo it
言い過ぎる, 言いすぎる, 言過ぎる, いいすぎる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to talk or say too much, to go too far, to overstate, to exaggerate
過ぎる, 早すぎる, はやすぎる
Noun or verb acting prenominally, See 過ぎる・すぎる・6
premature, untimely (e.g. death), early
度が過ぎる, 度がすぎる, ドが過ぎる, どがすぎる, ドがすぎる
Expression, Ichidan verb, Idiomatic expression
to go too far, to go to excess, to carry too far
やりすぎる, やり過ぎる, 遣り過ぎる
Ichidan verb, Transitive, Usually in kana
to overdo, to go too far, to go to excess
口が過ぎる, くちがすぎる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to say something better left unsaid, to go too far (by saying something rude)
取り過ぎる, とりすぎる
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to eat too much of something
2. to overbook
度を過ぎる, どをすぎる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to go too far, to go to excess
冗談が過ぎる, 冗談がすぎる, じょうだんがすぎる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to carry a joke too far
言葉が過ぎる, ことばがすぎる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to say too much, to go too far
長すぎる, 長過ぎる, ながすぎる
Ichidan verb
to be too long
多すぎる, 多過ぎる, おおすぎる
Ichidan verb, See 少なすぎる
to be too numerous, to be too much
短すぎる, 短過ぎる, みじかすぎる
Ichidan verb
to be too short
遅すぎる, 遅過ぎる, おそすぎる
Ichidan verb
to be too late, to be too slow
ひどすぎる, 酷すぎる, 酷過ぎる, ひど過ぎる, 非道すぎる, 非道過ぎる
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi), See 酷い・ひどい・4, Usually in kana
egregious, outrageous, too much, over the top
出すぎる, 出過ぎる, ですぎる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to project or protrude too much, to be too forward, to obtrude
使いすぎる, 使い過ぎる, つかいすぎる
Ichidan verb
to use excessively, to use too much, to spend too much, to overwork someone
働きすぎる, 働き過ぎる, はたらきすぎる
Ichidan verb
to overwork
読みすぎる, 読み過ぎる, よみすぎる
Ichidan verb
to read too much
飲みすぎる, 飲み過ぎる, のみすぎる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to drink too much
積みすぎる, 積み過ぎる, つみすぎる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to overload
出来すぎる, 出来過ぎる, できすぎる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to be too much, to be too good to be true
熟れすぎる, 熟れ過ぎる, うれすぎる
Ichidan verb
to be overripe
育ちすぎる, 育ち過ぎる, そだちすぎる
Ichidan verb
to be overgrown
飛びすぎる, 飛び過ぎる, とびすぎる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to fly past
切りすぎる, 切り過ぎる, きりすぎる
Ichidan verb
to overcut
出しすぎる, 出し過ぎる, だしすぎる
Ichidan verb
to overdo something (speed, exertion, etc.)
考えすぎる, 考え過ぎる, かんがえすぎる
Ichidan verb
to think too much, to be over-concerned
大きすぎる, 大き過ぎる, おおきすぎる
Ichidan verb
to be oversized (overloud, etc.)
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