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遅い, 鈍い, 晩い, 遲い, おそい
Only 遅い, Only 鈍い, Only 遲い
1. slow, time-consuming, sluggish
Only 晩い
2. late (in the day), towards the end (of the day or night), until a time far into the day or night
3. later (than expected or usual), behind schedule, behind time, tardy, overdue, unpunctual
4. too late, having missed the boat
5. dull, stupid
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足が遅い, あしがおそい
Expression, See 足の遅い
to be slow-footed
足の遅い, あしのおそい
See 足が遅い
頭の回転が遅い, 頭の回転が鈍い, あたまのかいてんがおそい
Expression, See 頭の回転・あたまのかいてん
slow-witted, dull, slow on the uptake