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連れて, つれて
Conjunction, Expression
as, in proportion to
連れる, つれる
Conjugated: 連れて
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to take (someone) with one, to bring along, to go with, to be accompanied by
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連れてくる, 連れて来る, つれて来る, つれてくる
to bring someone along
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連れて行く, 連れていく, 連れてゆく, つれて行く, つれていく, つれてゆく
Godan verb
to take someone (to some place), to take someone along, to lead someone away
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につれて, に連れて
Expression, Conjunction, Usually in kana, as XにつれてY
as (X, then Y), with, in accordance with, in proportion to
時間が経つにつれて, 時間がたつにつれて, 時間が経つに連れて, じかんがたつにつれて
as time passes, with the passing of time, with time