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早く, 速く, はやく
Only 早く, Adverb
1. early, soon
esp. 速く
2. quickly, swiftly, rapidly, fast
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早い, 速い, 疾い, 捷い, はやい
Conjugated: 速く
esp. 速い
1. fast, quick, rapid, swift, speedy, brisk, prompt
Only 早い
2. early, soon, earlier than usual
3. premature, too soon, too early
esp. 早い
4. easy, simple
as ...するが早いか or ...するより早く
5. as soon as ..., the moment ..., the instant ...
いち早く, 逸早く, 逸速く, いちはやく
1. promptly, quickly, without delay
2. before others, first