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セイ, ゆ.く, い.く
departed, die
, きゅうせい
Takes suru
sudden death
, せいきょ
Takes suru, Honorific or respectful
, ようせい
Takes suru
premature death
, ぜんぜい
Sugata (the well-gone; epithet of Buddha)
, えいせい
Takes suru
death, dying
, えんせい
Takes suru
1. going afar
2. death, dying
, こうせい
See 薨去, Obscure term
death (of a nobleman)
け面, けメン, いけめん, いけメン
See イケめん, Internet slang, Humorous term, Obscure term, kanji "pun" on イケめん
exceptionally ugly man
かず, すいゆかず
things going contrary to one's wishes
, ちょうせい
Takes suru
death, passing
いく, 行く, , 往く, ゆく
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 来る・くる・1
1. to go, to move (in a direction or towards a specific location), to head (towards), to be transported (towards), to reach
See 旨く行く, い sometimes omitted in auxiliary use
2. to proceed, to take place
3. to pass through, to come and go
4. to walk
Only 逝く
5. to die, to pass away
早世, 早, そうせい
Takes suru
dying young, early death
死にゆく, 死に行く, 死に, しにゆく
Expression, Godan verb
to be nearing death, to be dying
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