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迷う, 紕う, まよう
Conjugated: 迷って
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 道に迷う
1. to lose one's way, to get lost
See 迷い・1
2. to waver, to hesitate, to be of two minds over, to be puzzled, to be perplexed
3. to give into temptation, to lose control of oneself
4. to be charmed, to be infatuated, to be captivated, to be smitten
5. to turn in one's grave
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, 10, 拾, 什, 一〇, じゅう, とお, と
Numeric, 拾 is used in legal documents
1. ten, 10
Only とお
2. ten years of age
Only 什, Archaism
3. book containing a collection of poems
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10, ten
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