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踊り, おどり
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踊る, おどる
Conjugated: 踊り
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 舞う・1, See 躍る・1
to dance (orig. a hopping dance)
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踊り, 踊子, おどりこ
dancer (usu. female)
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踊り, 踊場, おどりば
1. place for dancing, dance floor
2. landing (of a staircase)
3. leveling off (e.g. in the economy), cooling off, (period of) stagnation, lull, plateau
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踊り, 盆踊, ぼんおどり
Bon Festival dance, Lantern Festival dance
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踊り, 踊字, 躍り字, 躍字, おどりじ
iteration mark (used to represent repetition of the previous character), ditto mark
踊り, 踊手, おどりて
踊り, 踊歌, おどりうた
song performed while dancing, ballad
踊り, 総おどり, そうおどり
mass dancing, large-group dancing, dance with entire troupe
踊り, 蛇踊り, じゃおどり
dragon dance (e.g. in the Nagasaki Kunchi festival)
踊り抜く, おどりぬく
Godan verb
to dance away
踊りだす, 踊り出す, おどりだす
Godan verb, Intransitive
to begin to dance, to break into a dance
踊り屋台, おどりやたい
float at a festival upon which one can dance
踊り食い, おどりぐい
Food term
eating live seafood (e.g. squid, ice gobies) while it is still moving
踊り念仏, 踊念仏, おどりねんぶつ
Buddhist incantation using chanting, drumbeating, and dancing
念仏踊り, 念仏踊, ねんぶつおどり
See 踊り念仏
Buddhist incantation using chanting, drumbeating, and dancing
踊り, 盆踊り, 盆踊歌, 盆踊唄, ぼんおどりうた
Bon Festival dance song
踊り言葉, 躍り言葉, おどりことば
word consisting of (two) repeated syllables
踊り明かす, おどりあかす
Godan verb
to dance all night, to dance until dawn
田植え踊り, 田植踊, たうえおどり
See 田遊び
refined version of ta-asobi dance performed in Tōhoku about half way through the first lunar month
歌舞伎踊り, 歌舞伎踊, かぶきおどり
early kabuki dance
踊り, ておどり
"dancing" with hands and arms from a seated position, dancing empty-handed
踊り, はだかおどり
naked dance, dancing naked, striptease, strip show
踊り狂う, おどりくるう
Godan verb
to dance in ecstasy
雀百まで踊り忘れず, 雀百迄踊り忘れず, すずめひゃくまでおどりわすれず
Expression, Proverb
what is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb
小躍り, 小踊り, こおどり
Takes suru, Intransitive
dancing or jumping for joy
都をどり, 都踊り, みやこをどり, みやこおどり
dance performance held in April by geisha and maiko in Kyoto's Gion district
辻踊, 辻踊り, つじおどり
dancing on a street corner
阿波おどり, 阿波踊り, あわおどり
Awa Odori Festival (Tokushima)
おどりこそう, 踊子草, 踊り子草, オドリコソウ
Usually in kana
Lamium album var. barbatum (variety of white deadnettle)
躍り上がる, 踊り上がる, おどり上がる, おどりあがる
Godan verb, Intransitive
to spring up, to leap to one's feet, to jump up and down