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足元, 足も, 足下, 足許, あしもと
May take 'no'
1. at one's feet, underfoot, one's step (as in "watch your step")
2. gait, pace
3. most recent, current
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手も足も出ない, てもあしもでない
cannot do a thing, feeling handcuffed, being at the end of one's tether, being at one's wit's end
足元を見る, 足下を見る, 足もとを見る, あしもとをみる
Expression, Ichidan verb, Idiomatic expression, from palanquin bearers gauging how weary a traveler's feet are, and raising the price accordingly
to take advantage (e.g. of a weak situation), to size up (e.g. customer when setting a high price)
足元の明るいうちに, 足下の明るいうちに, 足もとの明るいうちに, 足元の明るい内に, 足下の明るい内に, 足もとの明るい内に, あしもとのあかるいうちに
Expression, Adverb
1. while it is light, before dark
2. while the going is good, before things get worse