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起こす, 起す, おこす
Conjugated: 起こさ...
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to raise, to raise up, to set up, to pick up
2. to wake, to wake up, to waken, to awaken
See 熾す・おこす
3. to cause, to bring about, to lead to, to trigger, to give rise to, to create, to generate (e.g. heat, electricity), to produce
See 興す・おこす・2
4. to start, to begin, to launch, to establish, to found, to open
5. to plough, to plow, to till
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こり, , , おこり
source, origin, cause, beginning, genesis
濃い, こい
Conjugated: こさ
1. deep (colour), dark
2. strong (flavour, smell, etc.)
3. thick (consistency), dense
4. strong (possibility, etc.)
5. thick (i.e. "as thick as thieves"), close, deep (love, etc.)
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こい, っこい
Conjugated: こさ
Suffix, after a noun or the stem of an -i adjective
rich in ..., high in ..., full of ..., very ..., quite ...