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負け, まけ
Antonym: 勝ち・かち
1. defeat, loss, losing (a game)
Suffix, See 名前負け・なまえまけ
2. failing to live up to (one's name, looks, etc.)
3. discount, loss (on a sale)
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負け, 敗ける, 敗北る, まける
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
1. to lose, to be defeated
Only 負ける
2. to succumb, to give in, to surrender, to yield
3. to be inferior to
See 気触れる・かぶれる・1
4. to break out in a rash due to (e.g. lacquer, shaving, etc.)
5. to reduce the price, to give a discount, to throw in (something extra) for free
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負け, かおまけ
Takes suru
being put to shame, being outshone, being eclipsed, feeling embarrassed
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負け越す, 負越す, まけこす
Godan verb, Intransitive, Antonym: 勝ち越す・1
to have more losses than wins, to trail an opponent (e.g. by two games), to be behind (in wins), to have a losing record
勝ち負け, かちまけ
victory or defeat, victory and defeat
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負け越し, まけこし
Antonym: 勝ち越し・1, Sports term
having more losses than wins
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負け, 力負, ちからまけ
Takes suru, Intransitive
1. losing by being overmatched, being defeated by a stronger opponent
2. losing by misusing one's powers, defeat as a result of trying too hard
負け, こんまけ
Takes suru, Intransitive
being beaten by one's opponent's persistence, being outlasted, running out of patience, giving in, succumbing (to)
負け, なつまけ
Takes suru, Intransitive
suffering from summer heat
負け, まるまけ
complete defeat
負け, やくまけ
Takes suru
victimized by the unlucky year, victimised by the unlucky year
負け, うるしまけ
See 漆かぶれ, Medicine term
poison ivy rash, urushiol-induced contact dermatitis, toxicodendron dermatitis, rhus dermatitis
負け, まけいろ
signs of defeat
負け, まけぼし
mark indicating a defeat
負け, まけどく
Sumo term
loss of a low-ranked wrestler in the extra eighth bout in the tournament
負け, 負け組み, 負組, まけぐみ
Antonym: 勝ち組
losers (of society)
負け, おおまけ
1. major loss, crushing defeat
2. big discount
負けん気, まけんき
competitive spirit, spirit of rivalry
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負け, まけいぬ
1. loser, failure, underdog, unsuccessful person, non-achiever, loser dog
See お一人様・おひとりさま・2, Slang, Derogatory
2. unmarried and childless older woman
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人情負け, にんじょうまけ
overcome by sympathy
怪我負け, けがまけ
losing accidentally
舞台負け, ぶたいまけ
stage fright
判定負け, はんていまけ
losing a decision (on points)
器量負け, きりょうまけ
being too beautiful or talented for one's own good
知恵負け, ちえまけ
being too clever (for one's own good), getting done in by one's own cleverness
根気負け, こんきまけ
Takes suru
being outpersevered
負けじと, まけじと
indomitably, undauntedly, resolutely, determinedly
ボロ負け, ぼろ負け, ぼろまけ
Takes suru, Intransitive, Antonym: ボロ勝ち
(suffering a) decisive defeat, rout, thrashing, losing big
負けじ心, まけじごころ
indomitable spirit
負け投手, 負投手, まけとうしゅ
Antonym: 勝ち投手
losing pitcher
負け嫌い, 負けぎらい, まけぎらい
NA-adjective, See 負けず嫌い
hating to lose, always wanting to win, unyielding, competitive
負け, うしまけた
Interjection, See うまい・2, Humorous term, pun on 馬勝った, which is ateji for うまかった
(that was) delicious
一人負け, 独り負け, ひとりまけ
being the only loser, losing by oneself