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謝る, あやまる
Conjugated: 謝らなければ
Godan verb
to apologize, to apologise
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喧嘩, 諠譁, けんか, ケンカ
Takes suru
quarrel, brawl, fight, squabble, scuffle, argument
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献花, 献華, けんか
Takes suru, 献華 esp. in Shinto
flower offering, floral tribute, laying flowers
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県下, けんか
May take 'no'
in the prefecture, prefectural
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堅果, けんか
May take 'no'
懸架, けんか, けんが
suspension (of an automobile)
鹸化, 鹼化, けんか
Takes suru
saponification, conversion to soap
県花, けんか
prefectural flower, floral emblem for a prefecture
繭価, まゆか, けんか
Obscure term
price of a cocoon
Particle, pronounced わ in modern Japanese
1. topic marker particle
2. indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated)
3. adds emphasis
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