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読書, どくしょ, とくしょ
Takes suru
reading (books)
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読書, あいどくしょ
favourite book, favorite book
読書, どくしょじん
avid reader
読書, どくしょりょく
reading ability
読書, どくしょかい
reading circle, reading group, book club
読書, どくしょしつ
a reading room
読書, どくしょかい
the reading public
読書, どくしょか
avid reader, bookworm
読書, ひつどくしょ
must-read (book), required reading
読書, どくしょとう
reading light, reading lamp
読書三昧, どくしょざんまい
being absorbed in reading
読書三到, どくしょさんとう
using mind, mouth and eyes to understand a book fully
読書三余, どくしょさんよ
winter, night, and rainy weather, the ideal conditions for reading
読書百遍, どくしょひゃっぺん
Expression, yojijukugo
repeated reading (makes the meaning clear), reading something again and again (will lead one to realize its meaning)
読書尚友, どくしょしょうゆう
Expression, yojijukugo, from Mencius
by reading books you can count the wise philosophers of the past as friends
読書の秋, どくしょのあき
autumn, the best season for reading
読書感想文, どくしょかんそうぶん
book report
読書百遍意自ずから通ず, どくしょひゃっぺんいおのずからつうず
Expression, Proverb
repeated reading makes the meaning clear, read a difficult book a hundred times