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読み, よみ
1. reading
See 訓・くん・1, also written 訓み
2. reading (of a kanji, esp. kun reading)
3. reading (e.g. of a situation), insight, judgment, interpretation, prediction, calculation
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読む, よむ
Conjugated: 読み
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to read
See さばを読む, now mostly used in idioms
2. to count
3. to guess, to predict, to read (someone's thoughts), to see (e.g. into someone's heart), to divine
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読みにくい, 読み悪い, 読み難い, よみにくい
hard to read, illegible
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読み上げる, 読上げる, よみあげる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to read out, to read aloud, to call out
2. to finish reading, to read through
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読み取る, 読みとる, 読取る, よみとる
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to read and understand, to take in
2. to sense from external cues, to read (someone's) mind
3. to read (calibration, tape, etc.), to scan (bar code), to read (out)
読み, よみかた
1. pronunciation, reading (e.g. of a kanji)
2. way of reading (out loud)
3. interpretation (e.g. of a text)
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読み書き, よみかき
reading and writing
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読み, 読物, 読みもの, よみもの
reading matter, reading material
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読み, びょうよみ
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読み返す, 読みかえす, 読返す, よみかえす
Godan verb, Transitive
to reread, to read again
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読み直す, 読みなおす, よみなおす
Godan verb
to read (a book, etc.) over again
読み取り, 読取り, 読取, 読み, よみとり
Takes suru
reading (e.g. by a scanner)
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読み, ひょうよみ
Takes suru
estimation of votes
読み上げ算, よみあげざん
having the figures read aloud by another person, calculation by abacus
読み, 読手, よみて
1. reader (person)
See 取り手・3
2. person who reads the cards (in karuta games)
See 詠み手・よみて, also written as 詠み手
3. composer (of a poem)
読み, 詠み人, よみびと
(poetic) author
読み, よみくせ
idiomatic pronunciation or peculiar reading of a kanji or compound
読み, 素読, すよみ, そよみ
Takes suru, See 素読・そどく
1. reading (a text) aloud without trying to understand it
2. reading a second draft without checking it against the original
読み, たてよみ
Takes suru
reading vertically down horizontal text (e.g. as a simple code)
読み, ぎゃくよみ
Computer terminology
backward reading
読み, じゅんよみ
Computer terminology
forward reading
読み, さきよみ
Takes suru
1. foreseeing, anticipating, predicting the future
Computer terminology
2. lookahead
3. prefetching
4. reading ahead
読み, ぼうよみ
Takes suru
1. reading in a monotone
2. reading a Chinese classical text without translating it into Japanese
読み解く, よみとく
Godan verb, See 読解
1. to read and understand, to subject to close analysis, to read deeply, to read carefully (esp. a difficult text)
See 解読
2. to decipher, to decode
重箱読み, 重箱読, じゅうばこよみ
See 湯桶読み
mixed on-kun kanji reading
湯桶読み, 湯桶読, ゆとうよみ
See 重箱読み
mixed kun-on kanji reading
読み込む, 読みこむ, 読込む, よみこむ
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to read thoroughly, to read repeatedly
2. to express (e.g. emotion in poetry)
3. to read (extra meaning) into (something)
Computer terminology
4. to fetch (e.g. CPU inst.), to read (data into a system), to load
ページが読み込まれたら更新情報をページ内に流し込む prototype.js
読み出す, よみだす
Godan verb, Computer terminology
to read out (e.g. data from a computer or process), to retrieve
読みきる, 読み切る, よみきる
Godan verb, Transitive
to finish reading, to read through
読み出し, 読出し, よみだし
Computer terminology
reading, readout (computer)
抜き読み, ぬきよみ
skimming a text
読み振り, よみぶり
manner of reading
読み破る, よみやぶる
Godan verb, Transitive
to read through (difficult passage or particularly long book)