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つまり, 詰まり, 詰り
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. that is to say, that is, in other words, I mean, that (this, it) means
2. in short, in brief, to sum up, ultimately, in the end, in the long run, when all is said and done, what it all comes down to, when you get right down to it, basically
3. clogging, obstruction, stuffing, (degree of) blockage
4. shrinkage
See とどのつまり
5. end, conclusion
詰まる, つまる
Conjugated: 詰まり
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to be packed (with), to be full (space, schedule, etc.)
See 鼻が詰まる
2. to be blocked (road, pipe, nose, etc.), to be clogged, to be plugged up
3. to shorten (width, interval, etc.), to shrink (shirt, word form, etc.), to narrow
See 言葉に詰まる, See 気の詰まる・きのつまる, often in the form …につまる
4. to be at a loss, to be hard pressed
See 詰まる所・つまるところ
5. to end up, to be settled
行き詰まり, 行き詰り, 行詰り, 行詰まり, いきづまり, ゆきづまり
deadlock, stalemate, impasse, dead end
詰まり, 気詰り, 気づまり, きづまり
constrained, uncomfortable, awkward
詰まり, 手詰り, てづまり
deadlock, stalemate
詰まり, 目詰り, めづまり
Takes suru
clogging up
詰まり, 糞詰り, ふんづまり
詰まり, いきづまり
choking, stuffiness
とどのつまり, とどの詰まり, 鯔のつまり, 鯔の詰まり
Expression, Adverb, See 鯔・とど・1, Usually in kana
in the end, after all is said and done, when the striped mullet is fully grown
詰まり, 寸詰り, すんづまり
a little short, sawed-off (pants)
詰まり, 金詰り, かねづまり
financial distress, money shortage
紙づまり, 紙詰まり, かみづまり
paper jam
どんづまり, どん詰り, どん詰まり
Usually in kana
(dead) end, end of the line
鼻づまり, 鼻詰まり, 鼻詰り, はなづまり
nasal congestion, nose being clogged up
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