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許し, 赦し, ゆるし
pardon, forgiveness, exemption, permission
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ばかし, 許し, 許, ばっかし
Particle, See 許り・2, Usually in kana, Colloquialism
1. approximately, about
See 許り・1
2. only, nothing but
See 許り・3, after the -ta form of a verb
3. just (finished, etc.)
許す, 赦す, 聴す, ゆるす
Conjugated: 許し
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to permit, to allow, to approve, to consent to
2. to forgive, to pardon, to excuse, to tolerate
3. to exempt (someone) from, to remit, to release, to let off
See 自他ともに許す
4. to acknowledge, to admit
See 心を許す, See 気を許す
5. to trust, to confide in, to let one's guard down
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許し, おくゆるし
secret, initiation, diploma
許し, 聴し色, ゆるしいろ
See 禁色, Archaism
permitted colour (for courtiers' clothing)
許しがたい, 許し難い, ゆるしがたい
hard-to-forgive, intolerable, inexcusable, unpardonable
許しを請う, 許しを乞う, ゆるしをこう
Expression, Godan verb
to beg forgiveness, to ask for someone's pardon, to ask for permission