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計算, けいさん
Takes suru
1. calculation, reckoning, count
2. forecast
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計算, ひょうけいさん
Computer terminology
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計算, 計算, けいさんき
1. calculator
See 電子計算機, Abbreviation
2. computer
計算, けいさんしゃ
non-electronic computer (i.e. person carrying out computation)
計算, けいさんぎ
Computer terminology
計算簿, けいさんぼ
account book
計算, さいけいさん
Takes suru, Computer terminology
recalculation, recalculate
計算, けいさんじょう
Expression, May take 'no'
according to (one's) calculations, for the purpose of calculation
計算, けいさんしき
Mathematics term
formula, equation, method of calculation, calculus
計算, けいさんりょう
Computer terminology
computational complexity
計算, けいさんよう
May take 'no'
computational, tallying
計算, けいさんしゅ
Obscure term
computer (person who makes calculations)
計算, けいさんがい
May take 'no'
not factored in, not included in calculations, unaccounted for, unplanned for
計算, けいさんしょ
statement of account
電子計算, でんしけいさんき
See コンピュータ
共同計算, きょうどうけいさん
pooling, joint account
計算機間, けいさんきま
Computer terminology
inside the computer
原価計算, げんかけいさん
cost accounting
数値計算, すうちけいさん
May take 'no'
numeric operation, numeric calculation
単純計算, たんじゅんけいさん
Takes suru
simple calculation
計算高い, けいさんだかい
近似計算, きんじけいさん
rough or approximate calculation
計算違い, けいさんちがい
計算問題, けいさんもんだい
numerical calculation
算術計算, さんじゅつけいさん
Takes suru
arithmetical computation, (performing) an arithmetical operation
計算化学, けいさんかがく
Computer terminology
computational chemistry (i.e. computer simulation of chemical phenomena), computer chemistry
計算機名, けいさんきめい
Computer terminology
計算構造, けいさんこうぞう
Computer terminology
computation structure
計算順序, けいさんじゅんじょ
Computer terminology
computation sequence
反射計算, はんしゃけいさん
Computer terminology
reflectance calculation
計算ずく, 計算尽く, 計算づく, 計算, けいさんずく, けいさんづく
May take 'no'
calculated, premeditated, considered
交互計算, こうごけいさん
open account, running account, current account, mutual account
計算用紙, けいさんようし
calculation form, tally sheet