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言語, げんご, ごんご, げんきょ
言語道断, 言語道斷, 言語同断, ごんごどうだん
NA-adjective, May take 'no', yojijukugo
outrageous, preposterous, scandalous, inexcusable, absurd, execrable
言語, げんごがく
Linguistics terminology
言語, たげんご
May take 'no'
言語, げんごめい
language name
言語, いげんご
another language, different languages
言語, シーげんご
Computer terminology
C programming language
言語, げんごか
Takes suru
verbalizing, putting into words
言語, げんごおん
Linguistics terminology
speech sound
言語, アールげんご
Computer terminology
R (programming language)
言語, げんごや
Anatomical term
language area of the cortex, speech centre (center)
言語, げんごとう
Linguistics terminology
language island, speech island
言語, げんごけん
linguistic rights
言語学者, げんごがくしゃ
Linguistics terminology
言語特有, げんごとくゆう
language specific
国籍言語, こくせきげんご
national language
自然言語, しぜんげんご
May take 'no', Linguistics terminology
natural language
音声言語, おんせいげんご
See 文字言語, Linguistics terminology
spoken language
言語中枢, げんごちゅうすう
Anatomical term
language center (brain), language centre
言語地理, げんごちり
See 言語地理学
linguistic geography
言語療法, げんごりょうほう
speech therapy
共通言語, きょうつうげんご
lingua franca
言語運用, げんごうんよう
Linguistics terminology
(linguistic) performance
言語機能, げんごきのう
language faculty
言語知識, げんごちしき
Linguistics terminology
knowledge of language
言語能力, げんごのうりょく
Linguistics terminology
(linguistic) competence, language capability
言語教育, げんごきょういく
language education
メタ言語, メタげんご
May take 'no', Computer terminology
パラ言語, パラげんご
paralanguage (nonlexical component of communication)
書記言語, しょきげんご
See 文字言語
written language, literary language
文字言語, もじげんご
See 書記言語
written language, literary language
目標言語, もくひょうげんご
target language, object language
開発言語, かいはつげんご
Computer terminology
development language
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