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言葉, 詞, 辞, ことば, けとば
See 言語
1. language, dialect
See 単語
2. word, words, phrase, term, expression, remark
3. speech, (manner of) speaking
4. learning to speak, language acquisition
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言葉遣い, 言葉使い, 言葉づかい, ことばづかい
Takes suru
speech, expression, wording, language
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言葉, 合い言葉, 合い詞, あいことば
1. password, watchword
2. motto, slogan
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話し言葉, 話しことば, 話言葉, はなしことば
See 書き言葉
spoken language, colloquial expression
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言葉少な, ことばずくな, ことばすくな, ことばずけな
laconic, of few words, reticent, quiet
言葉, 花詞, はなことば
language of flowers, floriography, flower symbolism, e.g. red roses mean love
言葉, すてことば
sharp parting remark
言葉, 口詞, くちことば
See 口頭語
spoken language, spoken words
言葉, 国詞, くにことば
See お国言葉
1. local dialect, vernacular, provincialism
2. national language
言葉, 言葉じり, 言葉, ことばじり
1. word ending, way of ending one's words
See 言葉尻を捉える
2. slip of the tongue, verbal mistake
言葉, ことばじち
a promise or pledge
言葉, 里ことば, 里詞, さとことば
Linguistics terminology
1. countryside dialect
2. sociolect or secret language used by prostitutes in red-light districts during the Edo period
言葉, 御言葉, おことば
Honorific or respectful
1. (your) words, what you say, what you have said
2. a few words (of welcome, advice, etc.)
言葉, 廓言葉, 郭詞, 廓詞, くるわことば
Linguistics terminology, Archaism
sociolect or secret language used by prostitutes in red-light districts (Edo period), vulgar words used by prostitutes (Edo period)
言葉, ことばかず
1. number of words
2. vocality
言葉, 山詞, やまことば
See 忌み詞
mountain language (euphemisms used by hunters, etc. when in the wild)
言葉, ふみことば
May take 'no'
language used when writing letters
言葉, 女ことば, おんなことば
women's language, word used by women
言葉, 男ことば, おとこことば
men's language, male language
言葉, 沖詞, おきことば
euphemisms used by superstitious sailors (e.g. calling sardines "sundries", whales "Ebisu", etc.)
言葉, 島ことば, しまことば
island language, island dialect
しまくとぅば, 島言葉, 島くとぅば, 島クトゥバ, しまクトゥバ, シマクトゥバ
Usually in kana, Dialect: Ryuukyuu-ben
1. mother tongue (from the island where one was raised)
2. Okinawan neologism (developed by the language revival movement)
言葉, み言葉, みことば
Christianity, Honorific or respectful
God's word, word of God
重ね言葉, 重言葉, 重ね詞, 重詞, かさねことば
See 重言・1
repeated word or phrase, redundant wording, succession of words of similar meaning, pleonasm
褒め言葉, ほめ言葉, 褒言葉, 褒め詞, 誉め言葉, ほめことば
words of praise, eulogy, compliment
流行言葉, 流行り言葉, はやりことば
buzzword, popular expression, vogue word or phrase
逆さ言葉, さかさことば
word said backwards, word of opposite meaning
下町言葉, したまちことば
See 山の手言葉
working-class accent or dialect
言葉付き, 言葉つき, ことばつき
speech, expression, wording, language
早口言葉, はやくちことば
tongue twister
言葉の壁, ことばのかべ
language barrier
言葉狩り, ことばがり
word-hunting, search for and censorship of politically incorrect words
言葉通り, 言葉どおり, ことばどおり
May take 'no'
exactly as stated, verbatim