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言を守る, げんをまもる
Expression, Godan verb
to keep one's word
言を言う, ねごとをいう
Expression, Godan verb
to talk in one's sleep
言を仰ぐ, じょげんをあおぐ
Expression, Godan verb
to ask for advice
言を語る, いげんをかたる
Expression, Godan verb
to speak in tongues
言を待たない, 言をまたない, 言を俟たない, げんをまたない
needless to say, it goes without saying that
言を呈する, くげんをていする
to give candid advice, to give harsh but honest advice, to admonish
言を左右にする, げんをさゆうにする
to equivocate, to beat around the bush
人に善言を与うるは布帛よりも煖かなり, ひとにぜんげんをあたうるはふはくよりもあたたかなり
Expression, Proverb
words provide more warmth than cloth
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