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言う, 云う, 謂う, いう, ゆう
Conjugated: 言われる
Godan verb
1. to say, to utter, to declare
2. to name, to call
Only 言う
3. to go (e.g. "the alarm went ping"), to make a noise
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言われる, といわれる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to be called ..., to be referred to as ...
言われるがまま, 言われるが儘, いわれるがまま
(doing) as one is told
先生と言われるほどの馬鹿でなし, せんせいといわれるほどのばかでなし
Expression, See 先生・せんせい・2
I don't fall for flattery, (I'm) not so stupid that being called "sensei" (makes me feel good)