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, 祖, おや
Only 親
1. parent, parents, mother and father
See 子・8, card games, Mahjong term
2. dealer, banker
3. founder, inventor
4. (pet) owner
May take 'no'
5. key, parent (organization), main
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, しん
Antonym: 疎・そ・2
1. intimacy, closeness, friendliness
2. close relative
Prefix, See 親米
3. pro- (e.g. pro-American)
自身, じしん
Noun, used as a suffix
(one's) self, oneself
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1. indicates sentence subject (occasionally object)
2. indicates possessive (esp. in literary expressions)
3. but, however, still, and
after the volitional form of a verb
4. regardless of, whether (or not)
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