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親の, おやのじょう
parental love
親の, おやのだい
one's parents' generation
親の欲目, おやのよくめ
parents' partiality for their children, parents overvaluing their children
親の七光り, 親の七光, おやのななひかり
Expression, Idiomatic expression
benefiting from the fame or influence of a parent, riding a parent's coat-tails
親の心子知らず, おやのこころこしらず
Expression, Proverb
there is no love like a father's, no child knows how dear he is to his parents
親の顔が見たい, おやのかおがみたい
Expression, expressing shock at a (younger) person's poor manners or behaviour
what parents would bring up a kid like this?, I'd like to see his (her) parents' faces
親の光は七光り, おやのひかりはななひかり
Expression, See 親の七光り・おやのななひかり, Proverb
having a famous parent is the best way to fame
親のすねかじり, 親の臑噛り, おやのすねかじり
Expression, Idiomatic expression
sponging off one's parents
親のすねをかじる, 親の脛をかじる, 親の脛を齧る, 親の脛を囓る, 親のすねを囓る, 親の臑を噛る, おやのすねをかじる
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to depend on one's parents' (financial) support, to nibble at one's parents' shins
親の因果が子に報う, おやのいんががこにむくう
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
the sins of the father shall be visited upon the son
子を持って知る親の, こをもってしるおやのおん
Expression, Proverb
he that has no child knows not what love is
親の欲目と他人の僻目, おやのよくめとたにんのひがめ
Expression, See 親の欲目・おやのよくめ, Proverb
parents overvaluing their own children but looking down on others'
親のないプロセスグループ, おやのないプロセスグループ
Computer terminology
orphaned process group
冷や酒と親の意見は後できく, 冷や酒と親の意見は後で効く, ひやざけとおやのいけんはあとできく
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
you will appreciate your parents' advice as you grow older, just as it takes time to feel the effects of unwarmed sake
碁に凝ると親の死に目に逢わぬ, 碁に凝ると親の死に目に会わぬ, ごにこるとおやのしにめにあわぬ
Expression, See 碁・ご, Proverb
if you get too absorbed when playing go, you will miss your parent's deathbed
親の意見と茄子の花は千に一つも無駄はない, おやのいけんとなすびのはなはせんにひとつもむだはない
Expression, Proverb
always listen to your parents, always value your parents' advice, not even one in a thousand of a parents' opinion or an eggplant flower are in vain