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親に叛く, おやにそむく
Expression, Godan verb
to disobey one's parents
親に似ぬ子は鬼子, おやににぬこはおにご
Expression, Proverb
like father, like son, a child who does not resemble their parents is a changeling
子を見ること親に如かず, 子を見る事親に如かず, こをみることおやにしかず
Expression, Proverb
the parent is the best judge of the child
この親にしてこの子あり, 此の親にして此の子あり, 此の親にして此の子有り, 此の親にしてこの子あり, このおやにしてこのこあり
Expression, Proverb
the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, like father, like son