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親がかり, 親掛かり, おやがかり
May take 'no'
dependent on one's parents
親ガチャ, おやガチャ
See ガチャ・2, Slang
parent lottery (i.e. not being able to choose one's parents), one's circumstances or prospects in life being determined by one's parents
親が親なら子も子, おやがおやならこもこ
what can you expect from a child with parents like that?, such parents, such children
親が死んでも食休み, おやがしんでもじきやすみ, おやがしんでもしょくやすみ
Expression, Proverb
resting after a meal is sacrosanct, even if your parents have just died, take a rest after your meal
子供の喧嘩に親が出る, こどものけんかにおやがでる
Expression, Ichidan verb, Proverb
when kids get in a fight, their parents come to their aid, yelping curs will raise mastiffs