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見送り, みおくり
1. seeing (someone) off, send-off
2. deferment, postponement, shelving
Baseball term
3. letting a pitch go by
Finance term
4. wait-and-see attitude
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見送る, みおくる
Conjugated: 見送り
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to see someone off (at a station, an airport, etc.), to escort (e.g. home)
2. to follow something with one's eyes until it is out of sight
3. to let pass, to pass up (an opportunity etc.), to let a pitch go by (baseball), to watch a batted ball go into the stands
4. to shelve (a plan, deliberation on a bill, etc.), to postpone
5. to have someone related or close to you die, to bury someone
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見送り, 見送人, みおくりにん
someone who has come to say farewell, those who have come to say farewell, people at a send-off