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見方, みかた
1. viewpoint, point of view, way of looking (at something), angle
2. way of appreciating (e.g. opera), way of understanding, how to read (a map, train timetable, etc.)
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遺憾, いかん
regrettable, unsatisfactory, deplorable, lamentable
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如何, 奈何, いかん
after a noun (+ の)
1. (depending on) how, (depending on) what, nature (of)
Adverb, at sentence end
2. what is ...?, how is ...?, what will be ...?
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いかん, 行かん
Expression, Usually in kana
1. not going (well), not proceeding (as one wishes)
2. bad, not good
See いけない・4
3. hopeless, beyond hope
See いけない・2, after the -te form of a verb or adjective
4. must not (do, be), should not, ought not to
移管, いかん
Takes suru, Transitive
transfer of control
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伊艦, いかん
Italian warship
位冠, いかん
ancient headgear showing rank
位官, いかん
rank and official position
偉観, いかん
magnificent sight, grand sight, spectacular view, fine spectacle
胃管, いかん
stomach tube, nasogastric tube
医官, いかん
medical officer
尉官, いかん
officer below the rank of major, company officer
衣冠, いかん
kimono and ancient head-dress
移監, いかん
Takes suru
transfer (of a prisoner to another institution of confinement), prison transfer, transferring prison
による, に依る, に因る, に拠る
Expression, Godan verb, Usually in kana
by means of, due to, because of, according to
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似寄る, による
Godan verb, Intransitive
to resemble