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みる, 見る, 観る, 視る
Conjugated: 見て
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to see, to look, to watch, to view, to observe
2. to examine, to look over, to assess, to check, to judge
See 看る
3. to look after, to attend to, to take care of, to keep an eye on
4. to experience, to meet with (misfortune, success, etc.)
Auxiliary verb, Usually in kana, after the -te form of a verb
5. to try ..., to have a go at ..., to give ... a try
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見て取る, 見てとる, みてとる
Godan verb, Transitive
to perceive, to grasp (the situation)
見て回る, 見てまわる, みてまわる
Expression, Godan verb
to look around, to tour
暇を見て, ひまをみて
Expression, Adverb
at odd moments
見てろよ, みてろよ
just you wait and see (as a threat)
見てもらう, 見て貰う, 診てもらう, 診て貰う, みてもらう
Expression, Godan verb, esp. 診てもらう
1. to see (a doctor, etc.)
2. to consult (someone)
見ての通り, 見てのとおり, みてのとおり
as you see, as you can see
どう見て, どうみても
to all appearances, no matter how you look at it
誰が見て, だれが見て, だれがみても
as anyone can see
時期を見て, 時期をみて, じきをみて
at a proper time, at a suitable occasion, at the correct moment, when the time is right
見てくれ, 見て呉れ, みてくれ
appearance, outward show
見て見ぬ振り, 見て見ぬふり, みてみぬふり
pretending not to see something, turning a blind eye to, burying one's head in the sand
今に見ていろ, いまにみていろ
just you wait!, I'll show you one day!, you'll see!, you'll pay for this!
見てのお楽しみ, みてのおたのしみ
wait until you actually see it
木を見て森を見ず, きをみてもりをみず
Expression, Proverb
to not see the wood for the trees, to be caught up with trivial matters and lose sight of the big picture
ナポリを見て死ね, ナポリをみてしね
Expression, Proverb
see Naples and die
人を見て法を説く, ひとをみてほうをとく, にんをみてほうをとく
Expression, Godan verb, See 人を見て法を説け
to suit one's speech to the audience
人を見て法を説け, ひとをみてほうをとけ, にんをみてほうをとけ
Expression, Proverb
suit your speech to the audience
聞いて極楽見て地獄, きいてごくらくみてじごく
Expression, Proverb
don't believe everything you hear, what is a paradise on hearsay may be a hell at sight
ナポリを見てから死ね, ナポリをみてからしね
Expression, See 日光を見ずして結構と言うなかれ, Proverb
see Naples and die
人のふり見てわがふり直せ, 人の振り見て我が振り直せ, 人のふり見て我がふり直せ, ひとのふりみてわがふりなおせ
Expression, Proverb
one man's fault is another's lesson
義を見てせざるは勇なきなり, ぎをみてせざるはゆうなきなり
Expression, Proverb
knowing what is right and not doing it is a want of courage