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いく, 行く, 逝く, 往く, ゆく
Conjugated: 行っ...
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 来る・くる・1
1. to go, to move (in a direction or towards a specific location), to head (towards), to be transported (towards), to reach
See 旨く行く, い sometimes omitted in auxiliary use
2. to proceed, to take place
3. to pass through, to come and go
4. to walk
Only 逝く
5. to die, to pass away
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行う, 行なう, おこなう
Conjugated: 行っ...
Godan verb, Transitive
to perform, to do, to conduct oneself, to carry out
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やる, 遣る, 行る
Conjugated: 行っ...
Godan verb, Transitive, See する・1, Usually in kana, Colloquialism
1. to do, to undertake, to perform, to play (a game), to study
2. to send, to dispatch, to despatch
3. to put, to move, to turn (one's head, glance, etc.)
4. to give (esp. to someone of equal or lower status), to let have, to present, to bestow, to confer
5. to make (a vehicle) go faster
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行ってきます, 行って来ます, いって来ます, いってきます
Expression, See 行って来る・1, Polite, often has a response of いってらっしゃい
I'm off, see you later
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行ったり来たり, 行ったりきたり, 行ったり来り, いったりきたり
Expression, Takes suru
going to and fro, back and forth
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いってらっしゃい, 行ってらっしゃい
Interjection, Usually in kana, often in response to いってきます
have a good day, take care, see you
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行っ, 流行りっ子, はやりっこ
1. popular person, star, favourite, favorite
also written 流行っ妓, 流行りっ妓
2. popular geisha
いってき, 行ってき, 行って来
Interjection, See 行ってきます, Usually in kana, Colloquialism
bye, see ya (afterwards), have fun, get going, now
行ってくる, 行って来る, いって来る, いってくる
Expression, Interjection, See 行ってきます
1. I'm off, see you later
2. to go (and then come back)
年の行っ, 歳の行っ, 年のいった, としのいった
Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally
older, elderly
行って来い, 往って来い, いってこい
going back and forth, changing scenery (theatre), fluctuation (e.g. in a market)
行ってまいります, 行って参ります, いって参ります, いってまいります
Expression, See 行ってきます, Polite
good bye, I'm off, see you later
いい線いってる, いい線行ってる, いいせんいってる
Expression, Ichidan verb, See いい線を行く, Colloquialism
to be on the right track, to be close enough
虎は千里往って千里還る, 虎は千里行って千里帰る, とらはせんりいってせんりかえる
Expression, See 千里, Proverb
a parent will do anything for their child, a tiger will walk a thousand leagues and a thousand leagues back (for its cub)