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落とし, 落し, おとし
1. dropping, losing
2. missing item, something one forgot to write down
3. trap
4. wooden protrusion from a Japanese door frame that fits a hole in the threshold, acting as a lock when closed
5. conclusion (of a speech, etc.)
落とす, 落す, おとす
Conjugated: 落とし
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to drop, to lose, to let fall, to shed (light), to cast (one's gaze), to pour in (liquid), to leave behind
2. to clean off (dirt, makeup, paint, etc.), to remove (e.g. stains or facial hair), to spend money at a certain place, to omit, to leave out, to secretly let escape
3. to lose (a match), to reject (an applicant), to fail (a course), to defeat (in an election)
4. to lower (e.g. shoulders or voice), to lessen (e.g. production or body weight), to worsen (quality), to reduce (e.g. rank or popularity), to speak badly of, to make light of, to fall into straitened circumstances
5. to fall into (e.g. a dilemma or sin), to make one's own, to have one's bid accepted, to force surrender, to take (e.g. an enemy camp or castle), to forcefully convince, to press for a confession, to deal with
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落とし, 落し穴, 陥し穴, 陥とし穴, 陥穴, おとしあな
pitfall, trap, pit
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引き落とし, 引き落し, 引落とし, 引落, ひきおとし
1. debit, withdrawal
Sumo term
2. pulling (one's opponent) down, frontal pull-down, hiki-otoshi
落とし, 灰落し, はいおとし
ash tray, ash pit
落とし, 逆落し, さかおとし
1. dropping (something) headfirst down a precipice
2. downhill rush, plunging down a precipice
落とし, 落し子, おとしご
1. nobleman's illegitimate child
2. product (of e.g. war), offspring, aftermath
落とし, 落し前, おとしまえ
settlement for a dispute (esp. one caused by an affront or blunder), money paid to settle a dispute
落とし, 落し胤, 落としだね, 落しだね, おとしだね
illegitimate child (usu. of a nobleman)
落とし, 落し紙, おとしがみ
See トイレットペーパー
toilet paper
落とし, おとしばなし
See 落語・らくご, Archaism
落とし, 落し戸, おとしと
trapdoor, flap door
落とし, 体落し, たいおとし
Martial arts term
body drop (judo), body throw
落とし, みずおとし
See 水抜き・1
draining water from pipes (for the winter)
落とし, 隅落, すみおとし
Martial arts term
sumiotoshi (judo), corner drop
突き落とし, つきおとし
Sumo term
thrusting down (winning technique)
付け落とし, 付落とし, つけおとし
omission in a bill
落としぶた, 落とし, 落し蓋, おとしぶた
lid resting directly on food, wooden drop-lid for simmering
精進落とし, 精進落し, しょうじんおとし
allowing oneself meat, fish or alcohol after a period of abstaining
巻き落とし, 捲き落とし, 巻き落し, 捲き落し, まきおとし
Sumo term
twist down
素首落とし, 素首落し, そくびおとし
Sumo term
head chop down
吊り落とし, 吊り落し, つりおとし
Sumo term
lifting body slam
切り落とし, 切り落し, 切落し, 切落とし, きりおとし
1. leftover pieces (when slicing meat, fish, cake, etc.), shaved meat, end pieces
2. clipping
落とし込む, 落としこむ, 落し込む, おとしこむ
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to take down in notes (meeting minutes, etc.)
2. to apply (concepts, ideas, etc. to specific processes or methods)
3. to drop into something (e.g. a bag)
4. to entice, to lure, to tempt, to deceive, to trick
落とし掛け, 落とし懸け, 落し掛け, 落し懸け, おとしがけ
1. lintel of the alcove in a tea room or a window in a shoin-style reception room
2. cloud-shaped carving on the bottom of a transom
See 火鉢
3. metallic bowl used to hold the charcoal in a wooden hibachi
汚れ落とし, よごれおとし
getting stains out, getting rid of stains
追い落とし, 追い落し, 追落とし, 追落し, おいおとし
1. chasing down, pushing down, deposing, ousting
go (game)
2. sacrificing to create a shortage of liberties, then capturing
泣き落とし, 泣き落し, 泣落し, 泣落とし, なきおとし
See 泣き落とす
persuasion by tears, using tears to get one's way, sob story
角質落とし, 角質落し, かくしつおとし
See 角質・かくしつ
exfoliation, skin cleansing
裁ち落とし, 裁ち落し, 裁落とし, 断ち落とし, たちおとし
1. cutting off the edges (printing, sewing, cooking, etc.)
2. snippets, trimmings, cuttings
落とし格子, おとしこうし
化粧落とし, けしょうおとし
makeup remover
落とし, 落し物, おとしもの
lost property, something dropped and left behind
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