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菓子, かし
See お菓子・おかし
confectionery, sweets, candy, cake
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菓子, だがしや
small-time candy store, penny candy store
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菓子, 御菓子, おかし
See 菓子
confections, sweets, candy, cake
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菓子, わがし
wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery
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菓子, だがし
penny candy, cheap individually wrapped sweets
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菓子, ようがし
Western confectionery
菓子, 乾菓子, ひがし
See 生菓子・1
dried candies, dried confectionary, cookies
菓子, じょうがし
quality cakes
菓子, こおりがし
frozen dessert
菓子, 盛り菓子, もりがし
cakes heaped in a container for a shrine offering
綿菓子, わたがし
cotton candy, fairy floss, candy floss
菓子, かしばち
bowl for confectioneries
菓子, かしぼん
cake tray (dish)
菓子, かしき
cake box
菓子, かしざら
cake dish
菓子, もちがし
bean-jam cake
菓子, かしばこ
candy box
菓子, ひながし
sweets for offering at the Dolls' Festival
菓子, かしつかさ, かしし
Japanese confectionery store (orig. one of high standing, supplying the imperial court, etc.), Japanese confectionery maker
菓子, おもがし
See 濃茶, Food term
Japanese sweet eaten with koicha
菓子, きょうがし
traditional Kyoto-style confectionery (often used in tea ceremony)
菓子, ふ菓子, 麸菓子, ふがし
candy made from wheat gluten, wheat-gluten snack
菓子, ふくろがし
small bag of snack food (cookies, potato chips, etc.)
菓子, かしふだ
hanafuda, 菓子 is an ateji "pun" on 貸し
card (oft. featuring illustrations of sweets) used to represent money when gambling
蒸し菓子, 蒸菓子, むしがし
steamed confection (e.g. manjū, uirō, steamed yōkan), steamed cake
引き菓子, ひきがし
ornamental gift cakes
練り菓子, 練菓子, ねりがし
kneaded sweet, confection made by combining powdered or granular ingredients (e.g. rice flour, sesame seeds, sugar) with a liquid or sweet bean paste and kneading the resulting mixture
焼き菓子, 焼菓子, やきがし
baked sweets
南蛮菓子, なんばんがし
See カステラ, See ボーロ, See コンペイトー
confections adopted from Portugal, Spain, etc. during the Muromachi period and since Japanized
菓子, わがしや
Japanese-style confectionary store
菓子, わがしてん
See 和菓子屋
Japanese-style confectionary store
上生菓子, じょうなまがし
high-grade Japanese fresh confections (usu. colorful sculpted mochi in seasonal designs around bean paste)
棹物菓子, さおものがし
Japanese sweets in the form of long blocks (e.g. yokan, uiro)