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, ちゃ
See お茶・1
1. tea
2. tea plant (Camellia sinensis)
See 茶道
3. tea preparation, making tea
See 茶色, Abbreviation
4. brown
NA-adjective, See 茶化す, Archaism
5. mockery
, 御, おちゃ
See 茶・1, Polite
1. tea (usu. green)
2. tea break (at work)
See 茶の湯
3. tea ceremony
, こうちゃ
black tea
, きっさてん, きっちゃてん
coffee shop, tearoom, coffee lounge, coffeehouse, cafe
, ちゃ色, いろ, ちゃいろ
May take 'no'
light brown, tawny
, わん, ちゃわん
rice bowl, tea cup, teacup
, さどう, ちゃどう
tea ceremony, Way of Tea
の間, ちゃのま
living room (Japanese-style)
, りょくちゃ
green tea, Japanese tea
, ちゃや
1. teahouse, (Edo period) rest stop
See お茶屋
2. (geisha) teahouse, establishment where patrons are entertained by geisha
3. tea house (that sells tea), tea dealer
, きっさ
1. tea drinking
See 喫茶店, Abbreviation
2. teahouse, tearoom, coffee lounge, coffee shop, (rather formal) cafe
, ちゃばん
May take 'no'
1. farce, charade
2. person who serves tea
3. short and humorous improvised sketch (originating from Edo-era kabuki)
, ちゃしつ
tearoom, tea house, tea-ceremony room, tea arbour, tea arbor
, ちゃかい, さかい
1. tea party, get-together
2. tea ceremony
, ばんちゃ
See 玉露・1, See 煎茶・2
coarse tea
, こちゃ
last year's tea
, くちぢゃ
adding more tea, adding fresh leaves to used ones in a teapot
, くろちゃ
See 黒茶色, Abbreviation
deep brown
, きん, ちゃきん
tea cloth, tea napkin
, せん, , ちゃせん
1. tea whisk, bamboo whisk for making Japanese tea
2. hair style where the hair is tied up in a bundle on the back of the head (resembling the shape of a tea whisk)
, ちゃしゃく
bamboo tea spoon for making Japanese tea
, ちゃぶくろ
, ちゃばたけ
tea plantation, tea field
, ちゃぱつ
hair dyed brown
, てんちゃ, てんさ
preparing powdered tea (at a tea ceremony)
, こちゃ, こなちゃ
powdered (green) tea
, まっ, 末, まっちゃ
matcha, powdered green tea
, 名, めいちゃ
fine tea, brand-name tea, famous tea, choice tea, well-known brand of quality green tea
, , ちゃちゃ, チャチャ
See 茶々を入れる
interruption (e.g. of a conversation)
, しんちゃ
first tea of the season
, からちゃ
tea served without sweets
, ちゃたく
teacup saucer
, , ちゃつぼ
tea jar, tea urn
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