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色の, ごしきのせん
See 律令制, Archaism, historical term
five lowly castes of the ritsuryō system
色の, 八色姓, やくさのかばね, はっしきのかばね
eight hereditary titles (designated by Emperor Tenmu in 684 CE: Mahito, Asomi, Sukune, Imiki, Michinoshi, Omi, Muraji, Inagi)
色の悪い, きしょくのわるい
Expression, See 気色が悪い, See 気色悪い
weird, disgusting, sickening
色のない, そんしょくのない
Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally, See 遜色がない
standing comparison with, comparing favorably with, by no means inferior to, equal to